dean johnston
drums. music. education.

                                                                               The Dux and student Eiji Nagamatsu

                                                                               The Dux and student Eiji Nagamatsu


Two full drum kits.  A relaxing atmosphere.  Full audio and video recording available.  

I love teaching.    I love seeing students develop a passion for playing and learning.  I love talking about music and exposing students to new artists and areas of drumming and music.

We set goals.   We strive to achieve them. 


Lessons are available via SKYPE as well!


"Studying with Dean Johnston is a game-changer. He possesses the rare ability to communicate with students in a way that goes beyond demonstrating technique and delves into something far more elusive and challenging: the process of developing one's own unique voice on the instrument. I truly cannot imagine where I would be as a musician without his profound influence over the last ten years, and what's more, I couldn't be more excited to discover where I'll find myself after studying with him for another ten."  - Mickey Vershbow, Drummer and Educator, Brooklyn, NY


"As a working adult with family obligations and limited free time, I needed a teacher that would take my goals into account and help me maximize the value of my practice time.  Dean is that teacher!  I can't believe how much my playing has improved since I started studying with him."  - Dan M., Drummer, Engineer & Family Man


"You are not only learning with Dean, but forging a friendship. Dean's calm demeanor facilitates learning, making anyone in his presence feel comfortable. Above all else, you'd be hard pressed to find a more talented, qualified professional than Dean." - Will W., Drummer, Coffee Cake Magnate


"Dean's teaching methodology has helped me to improve my groove, time, speed, dexterity, and tone. He offers constructive feedback that targets both fundamentals and creativity. Dean has a depth of knowledge about the drums only achieved from years of disciplined study and a breadth of tools and strategies at the ready to help every level of student." - Nicola Berlinksy, rock star, drummer for NO SMALL CHILDREN


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